Under the name ' Licht na Corona' we delivered plastic hand decorated consolation lamps to several hospitals, residential care centres and chronically ill people. In order to bring them some light, consolation and distraction.

Our in-house artist knows from personal experience how important it can be to have a little bit of light to focus on when you are ill.

That's why we are not abandoning our project 'Licht na Corona'. We are going to adapt it. 

Do you know someone in need of a consolations lamp? Someone who is fighting a disease? Someone who is having a hard time? Someone who is feeling lonely? Someone with little to no visitors? 

Help us to bring them some joy, light and warmth...

Feel free to contact us!

We depend on the financial support of many people so we can offer this for free.

Send us a message and contact us.

Would you also like to contribute and support our actions? Every contribution, no matter how small, helps us move forward and bring some light to someone who needs it! Thank you in advance!

Amethist vzw. 
nr. BE07 7360 1944 8766   


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